Rough Stones Malka Amit Geneva

Price: $300.00
Clarity: VVS1
Color: Colorless
Weight: 2.58 car

At the moment, we have available in Malka Amit Geneva rough stones in a weight range from 1.5 to 12 carat.

Color and frequency indicators 
Quality: VS/SI slightly spotted.
Color: D – to J/K
Total weight: 2454,76 ct.
Quantity: mixed parcels.
No manifesto - Cleavage
Price depending on the lot. From the $300 - to $500 per ct


* Set in the photo weight - this is the picture of the lot - view files

1 lot 866.42 ct. 0.9 do. 2.58 ct. Color E do M. Clarity. VVS do. SI 
2 lot 781.10. Ct. 2.45 do 5.71 ct. Color E do M. Clarity. VS. Do SI
3 lot 240.91. Ct. 4.18. Do 12.77 ct Color H do M. Clarity VS do SI
4 lot. 335.53 ct. 0.68. Do 2.53. Ct color D. Do K. Clarity. VVS do SI
5 lot. 291.30 ct. 1.49 do. 4.88 ct. Color D do M. Clarity. VVS do SI
6 lot. 141.46 ct. 3.28. Do. 11.23 ct. Color D. Do M. Clarity VVS do SI

KPC - We give the buyer !!
All the parcel is a cleavage are a commercial quality not an investment quality .
The inspection should take place by Malca Amit Geneva security house .
No upfront payment only information about the end buyer and we can organize the inspection 
Notify soon as possible
We invite you to view and verification Geneva. 
Waiting for your answer


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